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Charmander's A Lizard, Right? 8/?

Title: Charmander's A Lizard, Right? [8/?]
Author: wanderinghope & backitup_baby
Fandom: Glee
Pairings/Characters: Quinn/Santana
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1,107
Spoilers: Through 2x12
Summary: Written for this prompt at the glee_kink_meme. Santana got her lizard obsession from Quinn.

A/N: This fic was written by wanderinghope (as Quinn) and backitup_baby (as Santana)!

(The new chapter!)

Chapters: (One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven)

Chapter Eight

Quinn sat at the piano bench, plucking away at keys, cringing when her fingers landed on the wrong ones. She had taken piano lessons when she was younger but quickly traded them in for gymnastics classes and cheerleading camps, so she was a little more than rusty.

Thankfully the Glee room was unoccupied for their free period, because it seemed like the least sexually charged room of the school. Seriously, what was sexy about showtunes? Nothing. So as long as the blonde kept that in mind, nothing was going to happen.

Continuing to tap away at keys, Quinn waited for Santana to arrive.

It had taken Santana a few minutes to remove herself from Puck’s embraces in the hallway; even though she was still totally pissed at him for pretty much ruining her life, she was trying to keep up appearances as best as she could. And that meant flirting with all of the dumb football players and positioning herself as the new queen bee now that Quinn was having a pretty epic fall from grace.

A part of her was kind of smug that Quinn’s life was obviously not going well. But at the same time, Quinn had been her best friend for longer than she’d been her best frenemy, and Santana just... missed her. She slipped into the choir room and hovered awkwardly near the piano, a few feet away. “Hi,” she said nervously. It was a lot easier to fake bravado when it was only texting.

Quinn jumped in surprise, causing a terrible clash of notes, as she turned to look at Santana. When had she gotten so quiet? It was probably easier to sneak around when you weren’t pregnant though. “Um, hi,” she said, after a moment. “What’s up?” There, a perfectly normal question.

Santana pursed her lips and shrugged. “Nothing. Just...” Not dealing with a baby growing inside me like a parasite? No. Checking out how fat you’ve gotten? Maybe. “I...” She swallowed heavily, then said, “It’s nice to see you again,” before silently kicking herself. They saw each other all the time at school.

“Yeah,” Quinn agreed. It wasn’t like this was awkward or anything. Or like they had been at each others throats for the past several weeks. Or been texting each other really dirty things last night. Nope.

Santana wrung her hands a bit in front of her; she wasn’t really sure what to do with them. Putting them behind her back seemed weird, and on her waist was too confrontational despite the fact that she and Quinn usually thrived on conflict. “At least now you know what sexting is,” she said -- blurted -- finally.

Quinn’s head whipped around to make sure no one had heard Santana. “Jesus, Santana, you can’t just say shit like that,” she hissed.

Feeling too vulnerable on the piano bench, Quinn stood up and moved to the chairs near the back of the room. “I never asked you for the lesson in...” she lowered her voice, “sexting.”

“Yeah, well.” Santana was silent for a moment, almost embarrassed. Quinn did have a point. “You liked it,” she added then, kind of pathetically, hoping it was true.

“What are we doing?” Quinn asked, rather than responding to Santana’s comment. So maybe she had liked it. But she also hated it and hated Santana and basically her entire life. Things were not supposed to be like this.

Santana found herself wringing her hands in front of her body, almost uncontrollably. “I just needed you to know that you were mine first,” she said quietly, hating herself for it all the while. Wasn’t that like, what creepy guys said when they were trying to control their girlfriends? She swallowed hard. “Maybe I should just go.”

“No--” Quinn said immediately, though the next words took longer to come out. “I just... I mean, I know I was. But what does it mean? About us now, I mean. I--Well we both know my life is messed up and it’s not like we can just be like this and stuff. I don’t even know if we ever could. Here at least.”

“I don’t know,” Santana said, biting her lip. “But I don’t think we should like... keep messing with each other like this.” She hated feeling like this -- all introspective and shit. But this whole mess was driving them both crazy. “Just... until everything --” She waved her hand awkwardly in front of Quinn’s stomach. “Clears up. I mean. It comes out.” She bit her lip again, this time trying not to inadvertently laugh.

The blonde looked down at her stomach, which really wasn’t huge yet, but big enough to make her feel fat and really insecure. “This isn’t funny. What am I supposed to do with a baby in high school? And Puck wants me to keep the thing and--” She stopped short, her brows furrowed together. “I don’t know if this is ever going to clear up.”

“Why would you keep it?” Santana blurted, too shocked to consider what may be socially acceptable. “That would ruin your life even more.”

“You think I don’t know that?” Quinn shot back, angrily. “But I’m not going to...” She trailed off, too disgusted to even consider saying ‘abortion’. “Adoption? I guess? I’m still always going to be the girl who got knocked up,” she finished bitterly.

“Maybe next time don’t sleep with your friend’s boyfriend while you’re still dating your own boyfriend,” Santana snapped, just as bitterly. “Did you ever think about that? Did you even think at all?”

“Yes, I thought ‘what could be so special about Puckerman?’ because even though I was with Finn I was never with him because you and I...” Quinn’s fingers tangled in her hair in frustration. “Maybe I should have just let you leave.”

“Because you and I what?” Santana asked, tilting her head challengingly. “What were you going to say?”

Staring back, not willing to stand down, Quinn replied, “Because you and I--”

“Quinn! Santana! I knew you would all come around to my additional practice schedule! You are rehearsing, aren’t you?” Rachel Berry exclaimed very enthusiastically, her eyes wide and annoying and Quinn wanted to punch her--

“I was just leaving,” Quinn said, giving Santana a sad look. This wasn’t how this was supposed to go.

“Me too,” Santana added quickly, looking away after Quinn met her eyes. “Sorry, manhands.” Ignoring Rachel’s cries of protest, she waited for Quinn to leave the choir room before she hastily made her way out, too.
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