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Charmander's A Lizard, Right? 7/?

Title: Charmander's A Lizard, Right? [7/?]
Author: wanderinghope & backitup_baby
Fandom: Glee
Pairings/Characters: Quinn/Santana
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 2,229
Spoilers: Through 2x12
Summary: Written for this prompt at the glee_kink_meme. Santana got her lizard obsession from Quinn.

A/N: This fic was written by wanderinghope (as Quinn) and backitup_baby (as Santana)!

(An old chapter I never posted here!)

Chapters: (One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six)

Chapter Seven

It was messed up why it even happened. Quinn heard about Santana fucking around with Puck and wondered what the big deal was. It all seemed like a good idea at the time. The wine coolers, the sex, the trusting him to take care of the birth control. Well, now she saw just how fucking stupid she had been.

The blonde sighed and leaned back against her pillows in the guest room of Finn’s house. Her baby bump wasn’t too big. Though big enough to get her kicked off the Cheerios. Big enough for her to get kicked out of her house. Big enough for her to be a disappointment to her parents and disowned. And big enough for Santana to call her ‘tubbers’ at school. Santana would never find her hot again when she looked like a beached whale.

With all the animosity between them, Quinn was surprised as hell when she heard her phone buzz and saw Santana’s name flash across the screen.

Santana didn’t even know what the fuck was going on with her life. She’d dumped Puck a while ago, figuring that she really could do much better than him (plus she was pretty sure she wasn’t even that attracted to him), and ever since Quinn had started and actually kept dating Finn, they just were barely friends at all. And now she was pregnant. Seriously, what? Quinn was clearly trying to fuck all the gay out of her or whatever.

After trying to ignore Quinn’s pregnancy for a few weeks, she suddenly found out from Mercedes that Puck was the actual father of the baby. It was easy enough to do the math and figure out that Quinn and Puck had slept together when Santana was still dating him, and now she just couldn’t concentrate on anything besides getting revenge. And if neither Puck or Finn had brought Quinn into the 21st century with sexting, Santana would. The first part was to sext Puck while he was hanging out with Quinn so the blonde’s plans at cheating on Finn would fail. The second part was to target Quinn herself.

remember that time i went down on you in the shower and made you come so hard Santana texted while being forced to sit through family time at home watching stupid ABC shows.

Quinn felt a weird flutter in her stomach that had nothing to do with the baby as she read the text from Santana. But why was this happening? Santana had just recently verbally abused her in the hallway and called her fat and now she was texting her about when they used to hook up? That was so long ago...

What do you want? Quinn texted back, biting her lip as she pressed send.

Santana carefully shifted so her phone was out of viewing range from anyone else. you. bet you havent gotten off since the last time i fucked you.

I don’t want to talk to you Quinn typed back, shifting uncomfortably as the weird stomach flutters continued.

well i’m sure if i got my tongue back on your clit you wouldn’t remember how to talk, Santana replied, an otherwise bored expression on her face.

Working hard on keeping her breathing in check, Quinn wrote back, Why are you doing this?

because i know who the real father is and i know you’re not little miss perfect chastity club president but before you were pucks or finns you were mine. Santana was almost surprised at how much rage she suddenly had.

You don’t know anything Quinn texted, nearly hyperventilating at this point. This couldn’t be happening. No one could know that Puck was the baby’s real father. Even though she wasn’t really sure that she liked Finn like that, he had been so sweet to her and she just couldn’t hurt him.

Santana smirked. She could practically feel Quinn freaking out. oh i know everything.

Leave me alone Quinn responded then tossed her phone to the other side of her bed, willing it not to buzz again.

or how about that time you fucked me outside in my backyard and i screamed your name when you made me come? This probably shouldn’t have been so amusing.

But of course it buzzed, because satan was a part of Santana -- in spelling and spirit -- and life was just unfair. Seriously, what is the point of this?

you needed to know what sexting was and like with the rest of your sexuality i’m educating you. Except Santana also really missed being with Quinn, at least in the sex kind of way (because she was a huge bitch nowadays and that just was annoying), and she had to admit this was kind of giving her all kinds of flashbacks too.

Well now I know. So. End of lesson. Except Quinn wasn’t sure she wanted Santana to stop. She was finally getting attention from the other girl again, and she couldn’t deny that it was turning her on.

Santana wondered for a brief moment if she should actually stop before shaking her head slightly and continuing. still always wet for me q? i know i am.

Yes. Quinn could tell she was wet. But she couldn’t let Santana win. Puck was better.

oh and what was that all about? didn’t know you had the hots for my boyfriend. going to tell the priest your morals suck on sunday.

Only God can judge me. Quinn responded furiously.

Santana just rolled her eyes in response to this. actually i’m judging you right now

Well leave me alone then! Quinn typed back, letting out a grumpy sigh. What was the point of all this anyway? All this stress couldn’t be good for the baby. The baby that Santana knew didn’t belong to Finn. Fuck. What was she going to do?

After a moment, the blonde texted again. What do I have to do for you to keep your mouth shut?

As soon as Santana’s phone buzzed again and she read the message, she smirked and glanced sideways at her family before excusing herself and going up to her room. tell me what you miss most about being with me.

Who said I missed you? Quinn sent, aggravated at how stupid this all was.

Santana rolled her eyes. i see the way you look at me, fabray.

I do not Quinn typed, biting her lip as she pressed send. But really, how could she help it? Santana totally bent over and spun around in Glee just to drive her crazy.

Santana wondered briefly if she had been making it all up in her head because that was just what she had wanted to see, then pushed the doubts away as best as she could. Maybe if she brought it back to sex. so if i were wherever you are right now and started taking my clothes off and told you id do whatever you wanted you wouldnt have any reaction? ok.

Are you saying you would want me doing stuff to you? Have you been missing me? Maybe Quinn could still find a way to get the upper hand.

Santana didn’t quite know how to play this at first, so she waited for a moment before finally deciding on a message.look we both know that i liked having sex with you and that you liked having sex with me. i can admit it so you should be able to.

Fine. I liked it. You made it feel good. Quinn cursed herself as she pressed send. Why did she give in so easily?

Santana couldn’t help but bite her lip as she read Quinn’s message and it wasn’t even anything dirty. Annoyed that the blonde still had that effect on her, she sent a quick reply. what did you like better, my fingers or my tongue on you?

Her baby hormones were really making her crazy and Santana reminding her of how good it felt to have her fingers inside her and her tongue on her clit was making her even more turned on. You know I like your tongue.

doing what? Santana didn’t know how far she was actually going to take this and she had already gotten involved at a greater point than she would’ve liked, but she just couldn’t end things now that Quinn had finally given in to her.

Quinn felt her face heating up, blushing. Because she never had texted someone (or as Santana had kindly informed her, ‘sexted’) anyone in her life and it was all so dirty.

I don’t know. Stuff. She replied lamely, then groaned a little -- equal parts of sexual and just general frustration.

Santana raised her eyebrows at this fail and wondered again if she should just stop before this got a little out of control. But she couldn’t stop now. inside you or on your clit or both? tell me

Both. Quinn was blushing, just admitting that. There was no way she could actually say, well, type these kinds of things to Santana.

okay. Santana figured she should probably just leave it at that since it was clear that Quinn didn’t really want to take this further than that. And she’d gotten enough information anyway to boost her ego.

Yeah. Is that it? Or are you going to keep sexting me? Or whatever this is. At this point, Quinn honestly didn’t know what she wanted. There was a part of her that was furious with Santana for being, well, Santana. But then her baby hormones were going crazy and she was remembering all those stolen kisses and more with her and she hated admitting that she missed it.

Santana was genuinely surprised that Quinn had texted her again. i’m not going to if i’m the only one saying anything good.

Well you know I’m better at doing than saying Quinn texted back. The blonde knew she couldn’t be the only one remembering all the stuff that had happened between them.

better at doing? i guess you made me come like once, Santana replied, biting her lip and wondering if she should excuse herself. Though part of the fun of this was that she was watching TV with her family at the same time.

Whatever, you know I was awesome and you loved it. Now Santana was just being ridiculous and Quinn didn’t have to put up with this.

Santana didn’t respond for a few minutes. She wondered for probably the fifth time if she should even keep doing this. They weren’t dating (had they ever been dating?) and she was with her family and Quinn was pregnant. But she kept thinking about how she had been Quinn’s first, and didn’t that count for something? So after a moment she texted back, do you miss the sound of me coming in your ears q?

And if I do miss it? What are you going to do about it? Quinn texted back immediately, then instantly regretted her eagerness. It’s not like anything was going to happen between them. She was pregnant. Seriously, what was even going on with her life?

Santana glanced around at her parents, then picked her phone up again. i miss hearing you. So it wasn’t exactly answering Quinn’s question, but it was something honest and hopefully Quinn would be satisfied with that. She stared at the screen for a moment, then pressed send.

As things progressed from lewd to emotional, Quinn began to get a little nervous. They weren’t really going down this road again were they? So what now? she texted back, biting her lip.

i don’t know, Santana replied. This had totally gone in a different direction than she’d intended. Now she was having all of those stupid feelings again and she had no idea what to do. Sex had become easy. This stuff wasn’t. i want to see you though she sent then before she could stop herself.

Quinn had to force herself to breathe in and out several times after reading Santana’s text. What did that mean? Like, to hang out or to fool around? Because hadn’t they been sexting? But then they started talking about missing each other... Okay. When? she texted back quickly then bit her lip, waiting for a reply.

now? Santana stared at what she’d typed, then erased it. That looked too desperate, even if that was the only word she had to describe what she was feeling. tomorrow after lunch during free period?

The blonde was a little sad that Santana’s text didn’t say ‘right now’ but both girls knew better than to show weakness and desperation. Fine. Cya then.

Well this was going to be interesting.
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